Charlston Lau

Very tall and very outstanding, YET very "STRANGE MAN"

We’ve had the privilege to work with some awesome clients

Our client partnerships are the most valued, vital aspects of what we do and who we are.
Without our clients, our work would have no meaning.

“Magic Performer , Stage Entertainer, Clown , Family Entertainer, Story Teller, Hand Model, TV Personality, Magic Consultant, Stage Manager, Artiste Manager, Stunt Performer, Comedian,Costume Change Artist, Designer, Poet, Writer, Translator and …… A Freak!!”

Name : Charls Turningpoint  (Male)
Early Stage : Started at the age of  8
Out Look : Good Looking, And the tallest man in his business, 6’3” !!
Effectively converse in More than 5 Different languages and dialects
Stage Name : Charls Turningpoint Magician with Sexiest Long legs

 Promo video

Achievement & Award :

  • Featured artist in numerous Tv stations including Tv2,8tv,Ntv7 and even Astro
  • The only Sabahan who won 4 times national and international magical award for the past 3 years
  • Champion of  Malaysia Magician Award 2 Times, 2006 and 2011
  • Magical Concept consultant for RTM tv show
  • Champion for Ntv7 Shoutout its show time, Billed as Show king
  • First Runner up for Singapore International magic competition
    – Practitioner of Stagecraft, Performing arts and Mystic studies for the past 20 years.
  • Highly efficient in Delivering Sales Messages in roadshows.

刘 伟建是位山打根(沙巴)人,目前和他女助理是唯一一对在马来西亚得奖魔术组合。近期间在东马完成魔术研讨会。主要为舞台魔术秀表演,也担任为魔术顾 问,舞台经理,舞台娱乐,家庭娱乐,讲谈故事,电视人物,特技表演,喜剧表演,变艺服装表演等。。。和一些而外的兴趣是诗人写作以及翻译员哦!他已有九年 演出生涯。神奇的魔术就在他八岁时启动了。不断努力的过程中,他终于得到了以下的成就。

  • TV2, 8TV, NTV7 和 Astro 等电台演出
  • 在三年期间,夺取三次奖项唯一沙巴代表全国与国际舞台魔术荣誉
  • 同时获得‘马来西亚魔术比赛’冠军舞台表演
  • 曾于RTM tv Show担任过魔术顾问
  • 电视台NTV7 ‘开心就好’获得‘Show王’奖
  • 新加坡国际魔术比赛获得亚军组 等等
  • Satisfied more than Thousands of corporate clients up to date
  • 能满足超过数千企业客户